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My dog growls at my toddler

We'd be so grateful for some expert help! Our beloved, 7yo Border Collie, Lucy, is increasingly impatient with our 16 month-old daughter (first child). Our daughter loves Lucy dearly and is learning to be gentle with Lucy and give her space. She gives Lucy lovely cuddles, but she also tugs at Lucy's paws and hair. Lucy has always been slightly awkward around children! As soon as our daughter gets close, Lucy growls. That is, unless, we are outside playing and throwing the ball. We have a large property for Lucy to get exercise and she gets exercise with us, but admittedly not as much as she did before we had our daughter. Poor Lucy - life has changed a lot. Lucy has always enjoyed being an inside dog in between her runs at the beach or in the backyard. I am beginning to think that I have to keep her outside to prevent any harm but she appears miserable about that as well and cries to be let in. I'm wondering, although she hasn't traditionally been particularly playful with other dogs, would she benefit from another adult dog to run around with? Will she adjust to more time outside during the day if that's what it takes to give her some space? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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