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Hi folks

I run a community organisation in Brisbane that supports people experiencing homelessness. We are helping a lovely couple at the moment who are living in their car. They have an adorable dog called Max who is an 8 year old Shitzu/Maltese cross. Max is spending time in our garden each day while his owners use our service. He is much loved by everyone and even has his own SnapChat. He is well cared for and in generally good health. Max has some quite severe cataracts and also has some impacted hair in his ears which the RSPCA vet has said needs some surgery to correct. We have managed to get Max bathed and clipped care of a local groomer and are trying to find avenues to someone who might provide discounted or probono vet care. We have tried the university and animal welfare leagues as well as RSPCA without any luck. Can anyone provide any suggestions about how we might find someone to assist.


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