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How To Stop Paw Licking

You've heard of cold feet, but itchy feet? It's common, and Dr Mel explains how it can be relieved...

"Often in the clinic, I see dogs with stained paws, like little Rain here. Their owners ask, is it normal, and the answer

Dogs like to lick everything in sight, but your dog might be excessively licking it's paws. It's not boredom, it's a case of itchy feet. They lick to relieve the itch, and the saliva, causes the staining.

Unfortunately, it's a vicious circle. The saliva makes the area moist, which allows bacteria and yeast to thrive.

A diagnosis of infection is easy. We take a sample from between the toes, and check it under the microscope. If there is an infection, your vet will recommend a medicated shampoo, and possible further treatment to help clear up the itch that started it all in the first place."