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Top Tips For Bathing Your Dog

The often painful process of washing your dog can be made so much easier with a few simple tricks. Dr Mel shows you some of her favourites...

"Does your dog get a little bit on the nose sometimes? Well when it comes to bathing dogs, there's a few golden rules.

Start when they're young so they learn to enjoy having a bath and aren't afraid of the water.

If they are anxious, it's a good idea to trim or file their nails first, in case of scratching.

How often to bathe is a common question. Outdoor dogs exposed to dirt and bugs will need a wash about every four to six weeks. If you bathe too often, it can dry out the skin, leading to scratching and irritation.

Remember to use a shampoo specifically for pets.

Always dry off properly with a towel or hairdryer and use the time to bond with your dog.

Wash your dog immediately if they've had any contact with toxic chemicals, oils, sprays or any other kind of irritating materials.

Of course some dogs will hate having a bath no matter what you do, so don't feel bad if you have to call in the experts."