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Fitbit Frauds Use Pets to Boost Steps


People are strapping Fitbits to their pets to make them look healthier than they actually are...

Now we all know that having pets helps keep you fit, but fitting your dog, cat or horse with your Fitbit may be stretching it Fitbit frauds are strapping their Fitbits to their pets to boost their step count!

Corporate wellbeing challenges that encourage workers to be healthy as well as productive have been blamed for pushing Fitbit fans to get onboard the trend.

Fess up!

Confessions from Fitbit frauds:

  • Horseriding. 4 steps to every 1
  • Attach it to your dog’s collar before a game of fetch at the park
  • Playing the piano
  • Hooking it up to the battery operated Chinese lucky cats

And for the ultimate fitbit hack, all you have to do is find a cat that plays the piano!