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Increase In Cats And Dogs With Diabetes


The metabolic disease is on the up with our furry friends…

Cases of diabetes in dogs & cats has risen over 900% - according to the Animal Friends Pet Insurance.

A five year study conducted by the group involving over 8,000 animals found that cats risk of contracting the metabolic disease have increased by over 1000% percent since 2011. When it comes to breeds, The British Shorthair Was the cat most commonly diagnosed with diabetes, followed by the Burmese, Foreign Shorthair, Maine Coon & Abyssinian.

The study also revealed that although the increase of dogs with diabetes is lower than cats, a 850% percent rise is still very unsettling.

Westley Pearson, director for Animal Friends gave some advise on what to look out for with your pet if you suspect them of having the disease : “The most common symptoms of diabetes in animals are increases in drinking and urinating;

Weight loss is an often overlooked symptom. This is because the animal will often be overweight in the months leading up to a diagnosis so owners don’t recognise it as a problem when their pet finally starts losing the extra weight.”

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