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​Bondi Vet Season 8 Best Bits So Far: Episode 1


While BV takes a break for a few weeks we recap some of the best moments from episode 1...

Back in episode one, Dr Chris Brown kicked the series off with an unusual challenge. The bird loving Twinnies were back again who put out a plea for help to save Beaky, a bird that was washed ashore. Dr Chris travelled to the sunshine coast to see what he could do for poor Beaky, who was unable to feed, defend and free himself of parasites due to a broken beak.

Chris was stumped at first as to how he could aid the poor bird, unsure as to what materials to use that would be strong enough but also lightweight. However no problem is ever too bazar for Chris, as he underwent his first ever beak replacement.

The technique emulating his father’s work of creating a fibreglass beak for a pelican which he looked up to as a child.

Also in Ep 1, Dr Lisa analyses Labrador Scooby who has been called in to aid the poor dogs chronic pain. X-rays and Specialist surgeon Dr Andrew Marchevsky reveal that Scooby unfortunately needs a hip replacement due to severe degeneration of the hip joints. The team at SASH help Scooby with a hip replacement, giving him much relief.