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How To Get a Fussy Dog To Eat

Some dogs can be fussy at the best of times. Dr Chris gives you a few tips to whet their appetite...

"As parents know, you've got to be a little bit cunning when it comes to getting your little ones to eat the food they should, and with our pets, well, it's no different.

So what are the tricks? Firstly, be firm. If they don't eat, remove the food after 15 minutes and let them wait until the next meal. It's what we call tough love.

Tip two. Pets, particularly dogs are more inclined to eat if you make them sit and perform tricks first.

Tip three is all about delicious, tantalising aromas. You're pet will definitely get hungry if you dish up their meal after your own. Pets have a great sense of smell, and appetising aromas are just the thing for tantalising their taste buds.

Now dogs and cats love the taste of amino acids. The food with the highest level of protein will be the most palatable, so check labels for the ones with the highest protein percentage, and feed that to your fussy friend.

We don't like eating off dirty dishes and the same goes for our pets. Dirty bowls retain dirty odours that are big appetite killers so make sure you wash them daily. Plastic bowls also retain smells. Stainless steel and ceramic bowls are ideal.

And for really really really fussy pets, try feeding them off a human dinner plate, it might just trick them into thinking they're getting a special treat of people food.

B vitamins like those found in Vegemite are actually an appetite stimulant, so if you give your dog a little dob of Vegemite a few hours before dinner, they'll be begging for their dinner bowl.

Of course if your pet is off it's food for more than 24 hours, see your vet.

Above all else, try and be patient, after all your dog wants to eat, you just need to give it a reason to eat.