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Can Cats Find True Love?


You’ll find that cats may not show it, but there’s a lot that they love. As cats are territorial, they appear to form relationships with other cats when they feel there is no competition over food or other resources. Kittens form social relationships with other kittens they meet in the litter, whereas two cats that don’t share the same mother, takes much more time to get to know each other.

A kitten’s relationship with its mother is crucial for their development. Having a mother around for their early weeks ensures that the kitten grows confidence, self-esteem and is able to regulate emotions better, leading to a socially developed and intellectual cat.

But what about a relationship between two lonely hearts? A male and female cat’s relationship can begin quite aggressively from the female’s end as they feel that the male may be wandering too close to their territory. This is unless the female is sexually receptive, where the two will show behaviour such as allogrooming and greeting behaviours such as rubbing heads, sniff noses, waving their tail up and lots of cuddles.

This relationship forming isn’t restrictive to cats, as we were shown by Jasper & Jasmine, two rescue pugs that were re-homed by Pug Rescue, and tied the knot in May of 2015 in a lovely ceremony known as the infamous pug wedding.