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Are you RePUPlican OR a DemoCAT?

A ‘tail’ as old as time; the battle between cat people and dog people. It may seem like a never-ending battle between opposites, so which one are you and what are the differences?

The stereotypes and assumptions over the years continue to fuel the flames of this classic rivalry. It might have been a popular debating subject back in school, but what are the differences and are you team cat or team dog?

Although some say it’s subjective, your personality traits may be the answer, and science has come to settle the score.

A team of researchers at Facebook recently analysed the differences between the profiles of people who shared pictures of cats or dogs or both, while a survey of 600 college students from the University of Texas has some pretty interesting results.

How do you answer the following questions?

DO YOU HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS? Dogs love their best friend and research shows that dog lover’s also share that trait. Dog people tend to be sociable, warm and outgoing and therefore have more friends, to be exact 26% more according to research, than cat people!

DO YOU GET INVITED TO A LOT OF EVENTS? Cat people are more exclusive with a smaller group of close friends. Facebook also found that cat people tended to be friends with other cat people at a higher ratio than dog people befriending other dog-lovers!

DOG PEOPLE ARE SUCKERS FOR ROMANCE BOOKS WHILE CATS ARE MORE INTO SCI-FI AND VARIETY This is a random one but which correlates with you? – hmm?

DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF VERY INDEPENDENT? You cat people are more self-sufficient compared to dog people according to studies. You can look after yourself – you got this!

DO YOU LOVE BEING IN GROUPS? You dog people love being around big groups of people and tend be more reliant on their opinions when faced with problems – We’re all in this together right?

ARE YOU MORE OF AN ANXIOUS PERSON? Because Cat people tend to be shyer at first than dog people. - :)

DO YOU TEND TO FOLLOW THE RULES? Dog people tend to be more conscientious and pragmatic than cat people – good for you!

ARE YOU MORE LIKELY TO GO FOR A JOG AFTER WORK OR FLOP ONTO THE COUCH FOR SOME NETLFLIX? Dog people tend to be more willing to keep physically active then cat people who would rather exercise their brain. Cat people have been found to think more than dog people – do you do both?

DO YOU GET EMOTIONAL EASILY? If you answered yes, then you are likely to be a cat person. Research shows that dog people tend not to focus on emotions and are tougher minded.

ARE YOU EXTREMELY OPENMINDED? Cat people are more open minded and are usually non conformists - good on ya!

WOULD YOU SAY YOU ARE THE CREATIVE ONE OF THE HOUSEHOLD? Yes? You’re probably a cat person because they are usually more creative and artistic – yay!

WHY WERE YOU SO SERIOUS ABOUT THIS QUIZ? – You’re probably a cat person, they are known to be more serious according to research – meow.

So which side are you on?

Team BV